Re: Threatres + Other Condo things

My Suggestion is for the Condo type Theatre
There are a couple things here to avoid spamming the forums.

My First Suggestion is for the theatres, adding the ability to toggle the actual projector.
Benefit?: The benefit of this change will allow the space to be used for more then just watching videos.
It could be used for things like Music or drama performances.

Second Suggestion: Increasing settings for stuff like the lights, the stage lights.

  • Add a distance option to increase how far the light travels
  • Increase output of the lights in terms of brightness
  • Custom colour options (like colour sequences)

Third Suggestion: Customizable lighting in the theatres

  • Make the lighting in the theatres customisable.
    • Including the walkways/stairs
    • The Room Lighting
    • The Wall Lighting
    • The Ceiling Lighting
      That way we can use lights and all the other cool “stage” equipment.

Forth Suggestion (not sure whether to keep this here or to make it its own thread.
A panel or item or prop you can place that allows you to control all the lighting and stuff like fog machines without having to noclip to change it all.
The idea would either be like a panel where you could toggle things like “On/Off” and other functions.

Thanks for reading

  • ItsDanielFTW