Re-bonjour people

Yeah, it’s me again because my last introduction post is more than a year old and is therefore outdated as heck, so I’m just gonna make a new one as it seems to be the trend lately :slight_smile:

I’m Belgo and I love baguettes, science and video games! I’ve been playing Tower Unite for a total of 653 hours and still counting (started playing when it released) for the joy but also the despair of anyone involved in anything I do in the hell that is this game.
I hate Minigolf with the bottom of my heart but I will defend Planet Panic with my life. The rest is pretty cool too. Fight me

Behind the scenes, I’m Thibault, 20, 2nd year of biochemistry studies and certified procrastinator which is quite a conflicting lifestyle if you ask me, but at least I’m having fun so I won’t complain too much :flushed:

Don’t be afraid to befriend me if you’re nice and like obscure memes and cursed pictures


Bonjour Belgo, Je Mapelle Agent2583.

Sorry my French is somewhat rubbish.

Bonjour @belgo,I am the man who is IDontgiveadamnaboutmyslef, but you can call me @IDontgiveadamnaboutmyslef, or Just “Patryk is smelly lol” in short.

Don’t sue me for this poor joke

But hello again Belgo :3
or bonjour

Welcome Back


Des français ? Ouuiii,Bonjour l’ami

J’arrive également. :wink:

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