Re-achievable Achievements

This is just a small suggestion. Basically, some achievements (definitely not all) will be able to be achieved multiple times. The first time achieving one will be just like any normal achievement. Following that, any times the achievement conditions are met, the player gains a fraction of the monetary reward (I was thinking something along the lines of 1/10 the initial value). In this way, doing certain activities or performing well consistently in games can yield a bit of an extra bonus without diminishing the value of completing a new achievement. What do you guys think?

  • This is a must!
  • I’d enjoy it.
  • I don’t really have a preference.
  • This should probably be left out.
  • Adding this is a terrible idea!

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Yeah, I like this. Good for progression and income.

I don’t think it’s a “Must” per say, but having it as an option in the settings (IE “Clear Achievement progress” or something like that) would be nice

Open Inventory 100/1000/10000 times.

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I’d say make it so that the conditions needed are made harder, much like what @xSkyer is saying.


If they’re harder you should earn the full reward, or more every time

If we take the “fall from the top of the lobby” achievement from GMT as an example, it would be too easy to sit there and farm for achievements that require an action to be completed over and over again.

But I do like the idea, sort of how commendations in Halo Reach worked, but without the whole “i have a gold medal in opening my inventory” thing.

I’d say just pay out the same amount each time, as the base achievement. Maybe tiered achievements could end in a trophy of some sort? That’d make earning trophies feel like more of an accomplishment.

maybe there can be achievements which can be done only once and achievement which can be repeated, A bit like different quests in a RPG if you see what I mean

@Cakemagic I completely agree that not all can be re-achievable. One even easier to farm than falling from the top of the lobby is talking to the condo lady drunk, which obviously cannot be re-achievable in any sense as it is easy to do a great many times in a ludicrously short time span.

@xSkyer I actually do like that tiered system, especially with @Sapphire’s idea of some grand reward at the end (so long as it is not ridiculous to achieve). Perhaps beyond the final goal, my original idea could be in place, or perhaps that would be it and the achievement could no longer be re-achieved.

I just thought it might be a nice way to continue earning small amounts for repeatedly good performance in gamemodes or continually partaking in generally unpaid activities (perhaps some alternative to this suggestion). Again, my system would pay out very little compared to other things, but it would be a nice, little bonus every now and again.

Building on the tierd system. What if the pay starts small and builds up to the top tier where you’d get the trophy and the highest payout. After that it’s infinity reachieveable for say a quarter of the payout.

i like the idea of daily quests