RC Vehicle Color Changing on the Fly!

So with the recent change that allowed us to change the seating on the RC Sleigh, I was wondering if this sort of thing could also be used to change the color of future official RC vehicles.

So let’s use our lil’unfinished fella, the RC Car for an example.
My suggestion is similar to the seat change being a single push of a button to cycle through the different seat changes, it’d be neat to allow a button to switch between a set amount of colors or even styles to stand out from multiple players, this could be handy for races. Like so:

A rather minor simple suggestion obviously, it’s simple texture swapping / color hue changes on the fly but allows players to somewhat customize their RC vehicles to some degree. Obviously as stated already there will be RC workshops, so this function could perhaps work in some way with workshop vehicles via specific materials changing the hue, or for now this feature only working on official RC vehicles.

I was thinking of doing this, but not on the fly. Definitely can be done though. I was originally planning to do it before you equip. It makes sense to be able to quickly change your color though.