RC Travel

It would be nice if when using “Self” mode in the RC options, it would drop you off at the location you stop at when driving around in the RC car. It would make for interesting travel around the Plaza

i imagine that the milestones you can get serve the purpose you say

The ZM helicopter will be like the RC helicopter but allows you to travel.
Then im guess the future plane battle will give you a plane that is like the RC plane but allows you to travel.
I also guess there is a future RC Boat Battle game mode that may give you a boat you can travel in.
And planet panic UFO will be like the RC UFO but you can travel.
Finally the accelerate game world milestone will probably give you a working cart like the RC Car but allows you to travel.

it would make sense that the RC is for fun and the milestones/future milestones are for fun and travel


ZM Helicopter is like a full entire helicopter, It’s a Condo Prop rather than an equippable.

Whilst there is also an RC Helicopter

Both Helicopters are Milestone items