RC Racetracks


I have been making custom levels for people to race their RC Sleighs in so far, and plan on continuing to do so… Here are my results so far (Will update as new levels are completed):

Jungle Island Jive:

(Video of Jungle Island Jive):

Christmas Blizzard Run:

Quartz Caves:

Western Crevasse:

Sweet Street:

Cloudland Circuit:

Red Rock Park:

Nightmare Forest:

TV Land:

Neolight City Circuit:

More To Come…


This is really neat!


I love it! It’s so cool!


This is incredible.


god damn it
now i overhyped for accelerate and i cant wait!!


i really wanted accelerate and now i completely forgot about it because all i think about is rc sleighs now




Very nice :+1:


very ebic


very egic


very eqic