RC Race Track Condo Contest! [Sep/Oct 19]

Units isn’t really the point of competing in these kinds of competitions, though (or, it shouldn’t be). It’s about being inspired to create, enjoying the things others create, and being able to show off the cool things you’ve created. The monetary reward is just an added bonus for those who are particularly outstanding. Only three people get any prize money at all, after all. You can’t reasonably expect to win, but you can expect to have people take a look at whatever sweet build you’ve made.

That said, having more time to build would be very nice. To shamelessly plug the TrackMania Monthly Track Contest, we like to give builders an entire month to build their creations. This is usually more than enough time to get a solid map made, and also allows for exceptional levels of polish if the builder desires. One week can go by pretty fast, and there’s no guarantees that players who want to compete will have the time to do so. I’d recommend extending the build timeframe (if not now, then in the future).

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That’s fair, material cost can be an issue. All of this does sorta come down to the fact that this isn’t supposed to be a major build, but concerns are justified, and hopefully we’ll see adjustments or different varieties of contests.

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We hear you guys. Sorry for the initial disappointment.

We’re bumping up the prizes and adding another week until the deadline.

Thanks for the input. Hope this is better!


Thank you very much Nath <3

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That’s a lot better, thanks!

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Agent’s Main Condo track.


I think I’ve got a neat idea for this…

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here’s my entry! made a track in the shape of a certain logo, creatively titled: “Tower Unite Island”
(also made a song to go with it)


Haunted House RC track


Added a clip of the whole track:


Remember to get those RC Race Tracks in by Monday 14th October at 8PM UK time! That’s just a few days left!


Street RACE


Title: Gambler’s Paradice

(yes paradise is spelled that way since paradise sounds like “pair of dice”, fitting the gambling theme lol)

Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:89036406

Screenshot of whole map:

Lap of map:


My VVVVVV themed RC Car Track.
I call it “6 Side Drive”.

This track uses all 6 sides, allowing you able to drive up the walls and even the ceiling.

STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:4872668

Alright, last call to get your entries in! 6 entries so far, and just under 2 hours until the thread closes and the PixelTail team decides our three winners!

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Had a decent idea but haven’t been able to realise it. ah well, I’ll finish it later.


Alright, time’s up! In 24 hours we’ll post our winners right here.

The Staff team have voted for their favourites and the results are in!

1st Place - 800,000 Units
@barkScript - Tower Unite Island

2nd Place - 400,000 Units
@JesusFreak - Haunted House RC Track

Once again, we had a tie for third place so we’ve got two winners!
3rd Place - 200,000 Units
@BiggieSpanks - Gambler’s Paradice
@Plasma - 6 Side Drive

Congrats to our winners! Your prizes should arrive in your inventories soon. Also thanks to everyone that participated! Stay tuned for a spooky Condo Contest in the not-too-distant future!


Unit rewards have been distributed, congratulations to everyone who won and who participated in the event!