RC Car Racetrack "White Cliffs"

I ended up creating a new track that makes use of a drastic slant acting as a slide for the car and also using the new speedy crabs as obstacles on the map. Furthermore I also used my old booster design in some areas of the track (launcher pad and invisible slanted canvas).

Here is me doing a lap of the track:

I have other older maps that I might be posting soon to show off, depends if I got the time and am in the mood to do a lap around em…


very cool, reminds me of Hydro Thunder which is one of my favorite racing games. Can you open this up some time so I can try it out?

This is amazing! I’d love to make something like this myself. The track reminds me of Koopa Cape from Mario Kart Wii.

Lol, I will admit that Koopa Cape did influence a bit of the track (especially the stream section).

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I don’t have a definitive time that I’ll be on. But, if you ever see me in game whether it be in my condo or global chat, hit me up and I’ll open it for you.