Razer Hydra/Oculus Touch Support?

I’m pretty sure they said that the Oculus would be supported in one of their livestreams, not too sure about the Hydras though.

Yes, the Oculus will be supported after the game has been released, but the OP is asking of “Oculus Touch,” which is an accessory to the Oculus Rift.

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The dude/dudette who started the thread.
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I’m pretty sure it will support Oculus Touch, as they guaranteed to include Oculus Rift support. Maybe Razer Hydra as well, wouldn’t be bad to have it in the game too.

More often than not, these immersive interfaces (Hydra / Oculus Touch) require unconventional control schemes.
We can’t just slap in a direct mapping to WASD or Dual-Analog controls. Doing so would defeat the purpose of using these interfaces in the first place.

So out of curiosity, what sort of experience would you want to see in Tower Unite if we supported these devices?
what would you control with them and how would it work?

Anyone feel free to chime in here, I’m open to ideas. :smile:

@Zak It would be awesome to see some minigames that specifically have Razer Hydra/Oculus support (like boxing and bowling).

-Bowling would be awesome!

-Using two handed weapons (Rifles, swords) or akimbo pistols for whatever requires those would be fun.
Boxing matches are a good idea, but that would leave everyone who doesn’t have an Oculus Touch out of the fun

-Maybe if it could directly control your player’s hand position ingame?
Swipe down to open your menu (Like they do in Sword Art Online?)

-Secret gestures for stuff, like shrugging would make a question mark above your head, swirling your hands makes a helicopter noise, small stupid stuff

Just to name a few

I do really like the idea of tagging certain game worlds or activities with support for certain peripherals.

Maybe in future updates they could have added support where it makes sense - like bowling or boxing as mentioned.

Speaking of that, I think this wouldn’t work really good with accelerate, But it would be great for PVP :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be too tiring to switch from to a wheel controller
Eg: http://goo.gl/Ry2kA8 http://goo.gl/3B6yjK A.K.A. Logitech’s Racing Wheel

I was thinking about Slaughter Day Night Live, Virus,

And I am not sure about Zombie Masscare,
Because it’s not 1st person view, So that wouldn’t make sense.

And minigolf… Really? Just use the controllers…

And Ball Race? I don’t mind but it would be funny if you can switch into first person or 3rd person. Possibly get motion sick…

Casino? Just spin the wheel with your hand… Which would not make sense.

Tiny Crusaders, Just make a cursor or hands seen in the monitor or those SteamVRs and Oculus Rifts and just press 1 button if you aren’t the dragon. And Dragon, Can be too complicated to do.

Plus, Will the Razer OSVRs be added in the game also? (I’m sorry, forgot to add this in the post)

You swipe down to open the menu… And then you realize there’s no log out button! We’re stuck in tower unite!

Don’t open the mirror in your inventory. I don’t want to know what you lot of people look like behind your monitors.

They can add a exit game and log out button, While you swipe down with your right hand to look in your inventory, You can swipe left with your right hand to look at the menu or just swipe down with your left hand.

Will there be support for steamvr?

I believe the devs mentioned they would support both the Oculus and the Vive (aka SteamVR).

I was asking if they will support Oculus Touch also that comes with the consumer version

Yeah, we read the thread. I was replying to TechMasterAllen.