Rapidly Flickering Lighting and Some Audio Skipping in Plaza

As of the Laser Tag update, even with all of my settings turned down to the lowest possible and my resolution set to 720p, the Plaza, once loaded in, has flickering global lighting and some audio skipping. This also happens to a friend of mine and has been reported on the Steam discussions page multiple times (https://steamcommunity.com/app/394690/discussions/2/2592234299554229761/ and https://steamcommunity.com/app/394690/discussions/2/2592234299551620168/). Here are my computer’s specs:

Upon more testing, it seems like it only happens during the day and at night, and not necessarily at sunset. Here are two screenshots taken back to back to illustrate the two lighting states that the game rapidly flickers between:

Does changing the settings to only day or only night have any impact at all?

It happens consistently when set to both Always Day and Always Night. Here are screenshots of night time that I just took that illustrate the issue:

There are ghosts in the plaza

Here are videos (the first long and detailed, and the second short and not) showcasing the bug. If I need to rerecord them at a higher resolution, let me know.

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Try turning Dynamic Lights on, there’s a good chance this will fix the flickering.
As for the audio, go to Sound Settings in Windows, open your output device and check “disable all sound effects” in Enhancements tab. If that doesn’t work try other methods from this guide.

Hope this helps!

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Tried every troubleshooting method from that guide, but the audio skips still occur. Here’s a new video showcasing what happened with different settings, but the flashing is still occurring regardless of the dynamic lights setting:

I appreciate the post and suggestions, though. Thank you very much.

I am still actively investigating this issue.

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