[Rant] Instant kicks from public gameworld servers

Too many times I’ve joined a public gameworld server, only to get votekicked as soon as I join. You people do realize that you can create a friends-only server if you don’t want randoms, right?


Yep. Hate that shit.


Yeah, does get pretty annoying.

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I think there’s a subset of people though that do it to piss people off

they should implement unlisted server mode, which they would need certain approaches like passwords to access that.

Oh. My GOD. I hate this. It seems like this happens to me at least once per day.

How ignorant does someone have to be to refuse to create a private game, and then kick people from their public session? I don’t get the thought process.


I noticed this as well. But i think, at least for me, when I create a friends only server it will NOT show up for my friends to search it up, and the invite thru Tab+Shift to invite to game does not work for some friends after accepting the invite. So for awhile we had to do this in our case. We just started to actually limit the slot to just our group number which makes it much easier. But on our end, we did that cuz making public is the only thing for it to work.