Random Probability Fix


Finally, spin-to-win won’t be hellishly unfair:

A list of everything confirmed for Tower Unite

Are we using a completely secure over the top pseudo random number generator here or just normal rand()?


Probably just gonna use Unreal’s built-in random generator. I’ll probably also pull some other factors into the payout to make the randomness a bit more realistic.


I’m calling the first four items to be “1 Unit”, “Absolutely Nothing”, “Fireworks” and “HD Hula Doll”.


and then there were the spin to wins that admins placed in lobby 1, and those were super ultra rigged


@Zak Will there be more prizes for spin-to-win? :wink:


I dunno, vOv

A list of everything confirmed for Tower Unite

All the hours wasted getting hula dolls… T~T


that’s why you don’t play spin to win and you play video poker


Is this for Unite or Gmod?


Look at the code. Of course Tower Unite.


I’m going to build a condo room SPECIFICALLY for hula dolls. It’ll be like a museum. “To the left, you’ll see hula dolls 25-50.” Also, that is some sexy code, Zak.


Those already exist. I already entered several condos where the railings were full of hula dolls. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, I assume this is pure C?


Yeah, just for testing. I like to code in pure C sometimes, very cathartic.


Great to see that the wheel is going to become alot fairer. Now I might be able to stop spreading ‘SPIN 2 WIN IS RIGGED’ propaganda :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: