Random Events

Not really. In GMT, there was no opting in or out. There were specific areas for each event and if you walked into the area, you became part of the event and if you left the area, it bumped you out of the event.

Then I think an opt in option would benefit this event system better than just a “Walk into this area to join and leave it to leave”

Especially since they mentioned events would be announced and work globally to every server before it started. And players could gather at the fountain to ‘opt in’ to the event, players that didn’t opt in would be unaffected by all event activity and can resume their shopping, gambling, etc. However perhaps still allow them to watch.

With an opt in option you’re not just restricted to events based in a little area, rather you could have events which partake in the entire plaza. You could come up with some interesting and crazy events rather than the fountain area being the only playable event area.

I was actually a huge fan of how they were handled in GMT, so I really hope they work the same. Also, they did announce event starts in GMT and they would tell you where the event was happening. Having the events happening in real time like that made the plaza feel so much more alive. I really wouldn’t want them happening on an opt in basis like that. It just wouldn’t be the same.

I just don’t want players complaining “MinecraftKid1337” keeps killing them when they’re just trying to go play Trivia.

Allowing players to opt in and out by just walking or leaving an area during an event would result in a lot of confused new players that have no idea why they suddenly have an item in their hand and can’t jetpack at all because they just connected to the plaza. Opt’ing in would avoid all that, players that want to do the announced event can do it rather than having confused or annoyed players just trying to get from point A to point B without being killed or having to wait 5 minutes for it to end.

I get the whole nostalgia train for GMT, but you have to think of issues that would result from sharing exact similarities.
Things can be improved to better the experience than what GMT had, that’s the whole point of TU.

Well, again, it worked perfectly fine in GMT. Any there wouldn’t be any confusion because when the events were happening in GMT, there was a permenant notification on screen saying where the event was and how long was left and it even notified as soon as you both entered and left the event zone, so there was never any confusion. I’ve always been a fan of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. The system worked perfectly before, so why change it?

I am planning for Major, Minor, and “Whisper” Events.

Major Events would be minigames, large-scale Plaza events, store sales, etc. We plan to use a walk in / walk out for Major Events and random minigames where the center fountain in. The fountain will visually change to alert and attract people. These are announced across all the servers.

Minor Events would be stuff that just occasionally happens like a new vendor appears, a character appears, or the sand has new items to find with the metal detector. Basically stuff that just occurs that’s smaller in scope. These are announced.

“Whisper” Events are events that are secret or hidden. The event system will show a hint as to what it is, but players will have to discover them.


Sounds awesome. Basically like the old system but slightly more robust. Can’t wait.

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In GMT, it was only in one specific area. The problem I had wasn’t that you got in if you walked in, it’s that the invasion event seemed to be:
A) A full map thing
B) A long lasting one

He never specified an area or a duration in his post. Just dedicate it to the boardwalk and make it last like maybe 5 minutes and it’s great

Is this supposed to be an Ocarina of Time reference?

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A random plane will drop a really fat stack of units, maybe gold and then the stack will open up midair and it would be raining money, for extra effect have a random gub with a parachute open it up with a knife

It’s 2018 and I back this suggestion 100% and want to see all of these things implemented in the game! :smiley:

How about shooting stars and sometimes meteorite showers?



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thats gonna get a yikes from me pal

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You may bump old suggestions as long as you are contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way.

I’d say that this is fine. It’s an old necro, sure, but at least it’s adding something rather than the usual “Yes, please!” or some variation thereof.


Not to mention it seems a little"forgotten". This is a great time to work on this, maybe for the fishing update or update after that? With the new Lobby, more things happening would be a definite plus.

It hasn’t been, we’ve been busy with other facets of the game.