Random Boss battle

lets say your in the lobby, rarely, a Text message will pop up saying “A Boss approaches”, in 5 seconds, a random player will be selected to be a Boss, that all other plays in the lobby can either fight or run away from, defeating the boss warrants a Unit reward of at least 5,000, defeating all the players in the lobby as a boss warrants a 50,000 unit reward at the least.


The idea itself seems interesting but, if TU works similar to GMT, I see a few problems.

  1. The BOSS may be AFK, resulting in a giant standing out doing nothing.
  2. The player selected may not be interested in playing as a BOSS as they are currently occupied leading to 3.
  3. Lack of players interested in being chosen as a BOSS.

Overall the idea of fighting in the lobby is one that could be approached but in the method of a PvP BOSS it would get really old really quick.

Still, that does not mean such item cannot be implemented later by the community.

So my final statement is :
Only good for unranked server options.

I could have sworn I saw a suggestion like this, but I can’t find it…

Anyways, I like the idea of random boss battles. In my opinion, though, the boss would have to be an NPC and it would have to spawn either in an out of the way location (such as out in the expanded ocean somewhere) or a portal would open up that teleports players to a secluded area (like the old dogfighting minigame from GMT). As interesting as a player-chosen boss would be, I have to agree with Xeria on this; not all servers will have a thriving population. As for killing all the players in the lobby, not everyone wants to participate in every event. I’d rather not be randomly killed while shopping for a couch. Again, though, the overall idea of a boss fight randomly happening as an event would be fun.

Seems a bit off the wall to really fit in the game. If a certain region of the map were set off for these kinds of things to occur, that’d be fine. Somewhat of a PvP area?

At the very least, it needs to be a server controlled event.

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The payout is a little to high, don’t you think? :astonished:

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