Rain FX Item

I think a Rain FX item similar to the Fog FX and Falling Leaves FX items would be great for building, especially when creating artificial environments or working inside invisible walls (which block out rain).

Ideally it’d react to collision as well, but the rain could instead start several meters above the FX item point and disappear once it reaches the item’s pivot. Combined with the Spooky FX item you could create the atmosphere of rain with this item.

There is a rain option in the environment tab in condo settings. You can access condo settings by holding tab and clicking the condo options tab. However, it would be cool if this was an item so you can have rain in certain areas.

I know about weather settings, this Rain FX item would be for areas where that isn’t possible (under maps, in areas with invisible boundaries, or inside small Skydomes). It’d also help in maps where weather is disabled.