Quick turn (180°) option for controllers

I don’t know how many other games do this, but I know at some point CS:GO had a button on the controller bound to do a 180° turn so you could do a quickly turn around while not needing to have your sensitivity turned up all the way.

I think something like this could be good in TU. It could mean you can do your fine adjustments and flicks with gyro (PS4/5, Switch Pro, Steam Controller, Steam Deck), use the stick do make less precise movements, and if you need to quickly do a turn, this would allow you to do that. I didn’t personally use it much (CS:GO with a controller moment), but I do see how it could be useful for things like LC where you might have to do some quick pivots or in Virus when an infected spawns right behind you. A quick turn could also be useful in some Ball Race levels, like uhh the last level of Nimbus or I think one on Memories.