Quick suggestion for the playable guitar

So I just saw that the Playable Guitar has been announced, and what would be cool is to make it compatible with the Rocksmith Cable (Which basically let you plug your actual guitar on your computer).

I don’t know if it would be too complicated to implement but I would be the first one to rock the f*** out on TU!



This doesn’t actually seem too far away from the realm of possibility, since they are already implementing Midi Controller support for the Piano.

I’m curious as to how they plan for us to play them anyway. Without Rocksmith Cable (or something along those lines), would we just be plucking the strings with our mouse?

The only way I can think of is something similar to how the piano functions.

You mean like second life ?


Shudders in horror


Oh god yes, if this was implemented I would love to perform live shows on a schedule in my condo. Or maybe we could set up amplifiers anywhere and play on the street for anyone walking by. Tons of possibilities! :grin:

Necro posting a bit…
I’ve heard that the Rocksmith’s “True Tone cable” isn’t all that durable. Aren’t there other options to plug a guitar/bass to your PC, or is this the only cheap one.

I hope this becomes true someday :stuck_out_tongue: