I think it would contribute to the plaza a bit more by making a Job board.

What is a job board?

Think of a billboard or wall of paper listings in which players can click on to view and accept various quests and jobs. These can range from winning 1st place in trivia to finding hidden items around the maps that spawn client side upon activating a quest I.E. Banana peels, hula cats, misc objects.

These quests can give units or prizes based on difficulty. These can be random generated quests from a list of pre made quests or special event quests by devs etc.

This is a suggestion of mine because Tower Unite needs a something to keep players with things to do. Something random, rather than the same grinds of other plaza components. Thanks.

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This has been suggested several times, and it’s been denied every time. Please search first.

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It’s a great idea. I don’t see why it would be denied.

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I think this would be an amazing activity to have in Tower Unite. It would probably keep players running around the lobby having something to do than just grinding at the Casino/wherever else they could be.


this isnt an rpg its a party game


This suggestion was doing something that is already in the lobby, not working at Rob’s Imports 24/7.
Kind of like this:

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I was just going to say that. Much like with the cellphone suggestion, this is an MMO. Not a freaking “immersive sandbox experience” like GTA or Skyrim.

I don’t fully see why this absolutely cannot be implemented, however. These “jobs” are simply minigames, just like Typing Derby or Trivia. At least force these tasks to be multiplayer, so they qualify as party games. Jobs (like described above, not working at a store or something boring like that) should be implemented for those who want to have the game select something random for them to do for them to complete for fun, not so they can pretend to be working at a vacation spot. It would be far better than sitting down at a slot machine to get money, for example.