Quests for holiday coin events

The holiday coin system is cool and all, but it requires several hours of gameplay just to obtain one of the decently-priced items, which is particularly limiting for people who don’t have enough time to play.

I (and others on the discord) was inspired by the quest to unlock the Ghoulcery store during the Halloween event, and thought that similar quests (or achievement-type things) could be used to award a decent amount of coins to start, allowing some exclusive items can be obtained without requiring long periods of gameplay.
This already happens with unit rewards on extremely easy achievements (Skeleton RP, completed [course], etc.), that give a nice chunk of units for new players to start off with. However, the holiday quests would refresh every holiday event, rather than being a one-off thing.

Quest suggestions:

  • Score over [point amount] in [Holiday minigame] 2 coins
  • Find [holiday items] hidden around the Plaza. [5/5] 5 coins
  • Winter Tour: Play 5 total games on Alpine and Summit. 5 coins (would probably be better with a larger map selection)

Sounds like a pretty cool way to earn some good bonus currency without trivializing the grind. This gets a vote from me :+1:


that’s a really good idea but lets not have a repeat of the maze that sucked it was boring and it just wasted time if we are being real but if its going to be like get x then do y that will be fun

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for the love of god

i absolutely support this, way better then constant grind for getting one single coin, it makes it also more unique and gives you more reason to play minigames and spending more time on the plaza


Skill based ways of getting coins, like getting a good score in minigames, would be a lot better than having it be time based. During the Halloween event I had Tower open while playing on my switch and just paused every 5 minutes to play level one of Nimbus to get a coin. It wasn’t very fun but was the most efficient way of getting coins then. I’m only bringing this up to give it more reason to change.

EDIT: It would also be nice to add the coins to the fishing drop pool so you could do that in between minigames


I’d love to see an emphasis on the Lobby, which I know wasn’t a thing during the Hallowe’en Event; the ghoul coins were every 6 minutes on the dot no matter what you did. I want to see something to help encourage activity, like getting holiday coins for earning a certain amount of units in the games, or by fishing them, or have them show up in slots (rarely) This way, players are encouraged to play, rather than just do nothing most of the time.