Questions for devs from stream [MEGATHREAD]

I plan on having Part 2 of the Kingdom updates ready by then. This will include a rework of holes 8 and 16, as well as the restoration of the “trick shot” at the beginning of hole 4.

Can you add Hole-in-one-ibility to Hole 18 and Add a wall for a shortcut on hole 15? There’s a skip I do to try and save a stroke but my ball bounces over the short wall and out of bounds every time.

Not every hole necessarily needs to have a hole in one. I don’t plan on modifying hole 18 to add a hole in one. Also I don’t know what you are talking about in reference to hole 15.

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I’ll show you a screenshot later of it next time I play it

Great stream guys. The amount of effort and love put into the arcade really shows. :slight_smile:
My question is, have you ever thought of extending the secondary currency system to the casino (like adding casino chips similar in function to the arcade tokens and tickets)?

I believe this is planned, Mac has made reference to the implementation of a similar system for Casinos (Like GMT) when talking about tickets before.


Thanks :slight_smile:
I think that’d be pretty neat, if not necessary to have.

Someone else will be taking over its development.

Yes, I am going to make it so if you walk away from the machine it’ll auto collect the tickets on the ground.

Yes, this is in the works already.


is it possible to get an arcade game like this in a future phase of the arcade? basically a coin pusher with pachinko elements.
one of the few arcade games that just seem really rare wherever i go and i’d like to see atleast a version of it in TU. this is also sorta reflected by the lack of good videos on the machine; the one i’ve picked shows off most of what it does.

edit - this video shows it off better.

If this was answered in the stream, I missed it. Can arcade tokens be exchanged back into units, or is the purchase of tokens a one-way function?

are there any plans to have the Quarters from the treasure event be used at the arcade?

Can you bind you own key binds to the arcade games /each machine?