Questions about "Free" servers

I have read that on Free servers, there’s no Units because it’s got the modding support, right?
So is furniture and stuff “free” on free servers but won’t be carried over to official servers?
Or is it mainly for modders to have free reign with the coding, and the units are a different thing?

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There will be Two Types of Server, Ranked and Unranked, Ranked are going to be completely Vanilla, and will give out units. Unranked Servers will allow Workshop/custom content, but will have a specific inventory and unit system for that server, AKA Ranked carries progress across all Ranked servers, Unranked stays specific to individual unranked servers.


Though, Theoretically, there could be a “design your dream condo” server where everyone has infinite units, but their sweet loot is server-side? Sounds good! I’m excited!

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I’m sure these ‘Creative-Type’ servers will be popularly used. I believe it has also been discussed you will have the same condo for every server, ranked or not, and then there will be a ‘genuine percent’; all items obtained on Ranked servers will be genuine, otherwise they’ll be ingenuine, and the percent of gen/ingen items will calculate your genuine percentage.

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I really hope that Unranked condos aren’t shared with Ranked condos, because then workshop items won’t be usable inside of the Unranked condos as workshop items cannot be used in Ranked servers, since both condo instances would be synced. It would be better if every Unranked server had a separate condo instance to allow players to use whatever Workshop items that server has. The genuine meter is used in Unranked servers to show the percentage of earned items to Workshop items. (all Workshop items are free)

From what I understand, there’s no such thing as a “Ranked” or “unranked” condo, Condos are just condos, but they all have a “genuine” rating based on how much Genuine/Custom content you have in it.

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The problem is, people connecting to your condo server would need to download the workshop addons while connecting. Depending on the person, that could take a really long time to accomplish (and not to mention, knowing what addons are on a server would be really helpful instead of just downloading whatever the condo owner has installed)

Wouldn’t it just act like any server that you don’t have addons for? AKA A big error or missing content? Regardless, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough