Question regarding 'origin donator' and name plaque

These are a couple of quick questions regarding 2 elements of tower unite.

As donations are now up, would I still be able to donate to have my progress carried over and get the exclusive items.

The second thing I want to ask is, regarding the ‘name plaques’ that will be in the tower unite lobby, how will we specify what names we use? Will it use the indiegogo account names or some other form like an email?

You don’t need to donate to GMT in order to get your progress carried over to TU. For the name plaques, there’s going to be an email sent out to ask what name you want on the plaque. Not sure about the exclusive items though.

I don’t think new donors get exclusives- which is a shame but I feel that the older donors deserve the rewards more anyway.


Yeah, donating to GMT is considered separate from Tower Unite now.
EVERYONE will have their GMT progress carried over, you’ll receive a prompt when you launch Tower Unite (After release) letting you pick and choose what progress to bring.

I guess in some ways they do deserve it more, but what about donors such as myself who haven’t donated or even heard of the crowdfunding campaigns until after they ended? I don’t really want my 15 dollars going to waste if they’re just going to be shutting down the GM Tower server anyways. I’d like at least a little coverage for my contribution to GMT in Tower Unite, like 1 or 2 exclusive items acknowledging that I at least contributed to something. I know it’s only going to be $15 with no transactions in-game, but I still feel like I’m getting half of a bum deal. Who knows I guess. Maybe i’m just extremely greedy.

This applies if you donated before the indie-gogo campaign.
“Because you donated, we have your account information recorded. When Tower Unite is complete you will be given a 10% off discount coupon towards Tower unite, 5 exclusive in-game items, and a special condo room layout tweak.”

“These are special rewards given just to those who donated before the start of the crowd-funding campaign. These rewards are never going to be available to backers or anyone else in the future.”

The reason that current donors don’t get anything is because of one big key reason, and that reason is


If people knew that you could donate at any time and receive items or benefits then they’d hold on to their money and just donate to keep GMT servers afloat, but with knowing that they will get a return if (and only if) they donate to the fundraiser, they end up giving their money to the fundraiser instead of the server fund.

If every donor got something we might not have made the goal as people would just donate to GMT and not TU.

Ah, bet me to it!