Question of speed

I have a small question to ask,what are the other ways of manuverabilty in the lobby in Tower Unite other then the backer only speed shoes?

If its only backer only speed shoes,goodbye a chunk of community members that includes me.

I don’t think they would limit maneuverability to backer-only shoes. I don’t know what fits into your description of maneuverability but stuff such as Jetpacks and Size Potions have already been confirmed to be present.

The speed shoes are just convenience for those who paid a little extra to help support the funding. It’s not like you necessarily need to go extremely fast in the lobby. I’d advise the opposite so you can hang out with people and such.

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From the Indiegogo page:

  • Use lots of different movement items such as jetpacks, wings, and

I’d think that the speed shoes would be the fastest option, but there are probably going to be similar items (most likely the rollerblades) that would make you move faster.

No. If you didn’t back, you don’t even get to walk. You’re frozen and can only look around. Walking = Donor Privilage.