Question about trading

Will GMT like trading return?
If yes will we be able to give units aswell?
With GMT like i meant trading in that we could:
{Player1} could give items/gmc to {Player2}, and {Player2} to could give items {Player1} at the same time.
Screenshot of gmt trading screen

Depends if Steam Market is going to be a thing

I believe the current plan is that only items unobtainable through stores will be tradeable, and Units won’t be. I don’t think Steam Marketplace is expected to be used, either. The devs want to minimize real world money exchanges, which means that trading has to have strict restrictions; otherwise, you could pay a guy money and he’ll trade Units (or other store bought items) to you without receiving any in-game items from you. It circumvents the zero microtransactions policy that Pixeltail has been very fervent in following and just isn’t in the spirit of TU in general. That said though, plans could change and I don’t know if that’s the most up to date plan Pixeltail has for trading.

I actually meant trading with certian player by inventory (like in gmod tower)
I asked for trading like this…

That is the trading I speak of, I just mention Steam Marketplace in the one line since it is connected. All items are currently stored via Steam inventory, so trading in-game and trading via Steam are essentially one and the same. Sorry for the confusion!

I actually really want to trade units. That’s super important in my book.

I play a lot of ballrace and minigolf and whatnot, and I get lots of money from it. Now, I’m not really ever motivated to build anything in my condo ever so I have hundreds of thousands of units that I’d much rather give to my building friends to help fund their projects.

I know that the main reason that unit trading isn’t going to be a thing is to prevent people from trading units for real world currency, but I think that’ll be a much smaller problem than we think, because units are easily obtained and aren’t worth paying real world money for when you could play a couple games of minigolf, get the money you need, and have fun doing it.


Yeah, same thing happened few weeks ago when I made deal with my friend that I will split the jackpot money from Triple Diamonds. When trading units/items comes to the game… because it needs to be in the game just because of GMT. It would not have that same GMT vibe if there is no same trading system.