Question about Tower Unite Enviroment

I’ve got a question about the enviroment.

It will be included over time in Tower Unite? I mean, when it’s night in real life, in Tower Unite it’s too, etc. I think this could be included in The Plaza, Condos and some Game Mode map.

Thanks :smiley:

I kinda think this post belongs in Suggestions tbh, but yeah, that would be a cool thing to be included into the game. If you were asking if it’s already in the game… i’m pretty sure it’s not.

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Ok, thanks for the answer.

There is currently a day/night cycle, but it’s not linked to real-world time.

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Oh I didn’t know it :confused:

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I’m 100% sure that if the developers don’t make it an option, someone will find a way to mod the day/night cycle to abide by real life time.


I’ve moved this to the suggestions :smile:


Thanks ^^

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We plan to make it an option.