Question about the TU donor perks

I donated on my old steam account back in 2014 before the campaingn started and all. That account ended up getting lost and I could never recover it, would I be able to get the perks transfered over to this account since I cant get my old account back?

Chicken is asking about the ‘Legacy Donor’ status, I believe.

You’re going to have to ask @macdguy about this.
He’s pretty much the only one with the ability to do anything about it.

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Okay how do I contact @macdguy or should I just tag him in the post like I just did

I need the Steam ID that donated (and PM me the email you used to donate with so I can confirm that) and your new Steam ID.

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The thing is my name was one of those names that there were many of so I cant find it cause there are like 2 thousand pages. Would I still be able to get the perks somehow as I feel really sad that i cant find my account and dont wanna miss out on some awesome stuff.

Well if you could PM me the paypal email you used for the donation, I can look up the account based on that.