Question about steam and game updates

would it not be more easy to use steam on the closed alpha?
i mean the good thing about doing that is updating the game unless you plan to make some sort of temporary updater until steam release?

and do you send out email notifications when new builds become availble?

Using Steam is their plan for the alpha in the near future. However, they couldn’t use it for this first build because they weren’t greenlit yet. The next update will be handled through Steam :)

What I’m curious to know is how they’re gonna find all the alpha backer’s steam ID to ship it only to the backers.


They’re gonna email us and say “Send us your Steam ID”?

Sorry for the quick response I was a bit busy. And yes, I’d imagine they would do that, I don’t really see another way (im tired right now, so if there is another way I just can’t think about it lol).

What about a redeemable key in Steam? It would be much easier for them

yeah steam has a feature for closed alpha’s the devs only need to send out steam keys to the backers if they decide to go steam

That must be what they are using then. Either way they will send out an email when the time comes.

I don’t know what they will do, but I’m sure as hell looking forward to steam.

Steam keys will be redeemable like any other product on Steam-- however, the game will not be available for purchase on the Steam Store until March for early access.