Question about Posters

I see you awesome poster system but what if player buy ton of poster and all of them have sexual pictures?
I know he/she will got a BAN but if the player never make party and will be locked forever how you want fix this issue?

BTW : Please rename my profile to 醫生 your inteligent registration system does not allow to me (on gmtower forums yes). -Thanks

If no one but the owner ever sees it, then it most likely just won’t be a problem. Unfortunately, TU won’t be able to find every single sexual image link ever to block these images. If someone does enter and find these pictures, though, then you would be right: a ban will most likely follow.

Actually, when they showed off the poster system on a Q&A stream, they knew some people would use posters for that reason, so they plan to just have a warning system for whenever you try to enter a condo with “explicit” posters. If you choose not to be able to see them, said poster will just have a generic painting/picture on it.