Question about "irrelevent" bug reporting


I was thinking about this after I posted a bug report about the bumper cars sign clipping through some railing:

Considering all of the spots around the map labled for remodeling for Project 23, are the devs interested in such input that is due to be irrelevent with the update? Bumper Cars is “Scheduled for demolition”, so obviously the clipping sign with no longer be there.

Though the clipping in a sense is a bug, it is also due for being solved in the near (though undefined) future, putting into question if it should be reported at all.


In my opinion, fixing something that’s gonna be replaced soon is kinda time consuming.

It’s basically like fixing your car, but the next day it’s gonna be replaced.
i personally don’t think they need to do this. (if they do)


It’s probably better to report a bug unnecessarily than to not report a bug when it actually is necessary (even if you don’t think it is). If the bugs are unnecessary, the devs can just ignore those reports and focus on the more important bugs.