Question about donations

I’m a donor on GMT but I would like to know if you guys will reopen donations since the Indiegogo campaign ended, since it seems like some people on GMT still would like to get donor status.

GMT Donations have now ended because GMT no longer needs any more funding. GMT Donations went directly to the development of GMT and not Tower Unite, and since GMT will be shutting down next year, the dev’s probably don’t feel comfortable selling something that would only be useful for a limited time.

Late Edit: I am fully aware that there is only donations, and that Pixeltail is not selling anything. In my rush to finish my answer, I used the wrong terms.

GMT donations are donations. We’re not selling anything. The donations go towards hosting the servers.

We are still discussing if we’ll bring them back for that purpose while we work on Tower Unite.

Right now our current GMTower server hosting costs is $300 per month.

Donors who donate after Indiegogo shouldn’t receive the special benefits in Tower Unite though…

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Yeah that’s why it’s not decided yet.