Quake/CPMA movement in SDNL?

I understand that this can only happen way farther down the pipe, and that this is an extreme nitpick, but I figured it was worth mentioning. I also guess that since it’s still in design stages, it’s better to suggest it now rather than later. To make SDNL a true arena shooter, I feel that competitive movement would be a fantastic quality-of-life addition. I get that this completely changes the pacing and feel of the game, but who knows, it might be for the better. There are already UE4 scripts to implement quake movement, so it’s been proven to work. A moonshot suggestion, I know, but I am a sucker for arena shooters, and giving SDNL that extra bit of flair would make it golden in my eyes.

Oh boy I’d be down for some bhopping in this game.


Yes, please.

Not sure what you mean by “competitive movement” but the devs have already said that SDNL is gonna be heavily inspired by Quake.

If they do add a Bhopping element it’d be cool to be able to enable it in Condos and let people build custom Bhop maps