PvP Zones

PvP Zones which you can reach through portals in the Plaza

Slaughter day night live will fill the role of PVP combat.

I’d keep an eye on lobby events; I’d bet a few of them will be PVP oriented (such as the snowball battle from last winter). Lazer Tag already fills this purpose as well.

I wasn’t around for the snowball battle sadly. But i’m thinking a “kill free” and a “no kill free” zone type of thing.

This is what the plaza events will be. Not all of them are PvP in a violence sense, but they’re all competitive in some way or another. Like what was also mentioned, SDNL is an entire Gameworld to fill the void of full on PvP. It’ll come in time.
(Also, Laser Tag is a PvP area. Try that.)