Put the community poll into the game


I’m not 100% certain, but there’s certainly a large chunk of players who don’t visit the forums, perhaps even a majority. Their opinions should be accounted for as well, so either the poll, or a link to it, should be put into the game itself. Or, at the very least, a Steam announcement (and perhaps a Discord one, too) about the poll should be made.

Also, I stole this idea from someone in the stream chat (@The_Lich, that you?)


A poll booth like in Oldschool Runescape would be a nice idea


My only worry is that this might be able to be abused or have votes manipulated, but as long as it’s linked to an individual’s steam account (1 vote per acc.), it could work just fine. I like the idea of poll booths from OSRS like @Lefty mentioned!

And hey - how about offering incentives? Something small like 2,000 units for answering a poll every time it comes out.


Great idea.

In my opinion this would especially be great for future upcoming content once the game is released, so people have a way of participating in deciding the future of Tower Unite without having to participate in the forums.

This also serves for a more accurate representation of what the whole community actually wants and not just the people who are on the forums.


@vtipoman The one and only. :ok_hand: :


This was discussed before we did the survey. I plan to add a link for future surveys on the main menu (and a little box in the Plaza), but I don’t think that change will be ready by the 13th due to our focus in Global Chat’s release.


Alright. Can’t you at least do a Steam and/or a Discord announcement, though? I’m sure it would help improve the gathered data.