Put Money In the Vault?

I have a Suggestion. What if you could put money in your Vault and stop walking around with them all the time. Alot of people are planning to buy things that are expensive but when they dont want to wait anymore they buy something else… Thats why i think its a good idea to put some of you money in the Vault so that you can pick it out for later when you would buy the thing that you wanted… Sorry for bad english…

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It’s sort of like the bank idea for GMod Tower.

The reason a bank was never implicated is because there was never a way to lose all your money spontaneously, so putting your money into a place to keep it safe is pointless.

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I try saving up for things in GModtower but I see something shiny and I buy because I have the money forgoing my original goal, if I were able to put it somewhere safe away from my pocket, it would be easier to not spend to much money. Also this is one of those why not features.


I originally had a bank idea for Gmod Tower, but people didn’t like it too much. People think storing money is useless, but why not have an interest feature? It’s an incentive to store your money, so you can make money while you’re away. Maybe the interest could start at 5% and as you store more money, the interest increases. The interest should also be compounded daily.

I bet we can go even further. We can create different bank accounts where you can use them for your specific purposes. For example, I could create an account to store money for use in the casino, an account to save up for specific items, a general account for earnings from game modes, and one for suite customization. And each bank account should earn it’s own interest. It’s limitless. But maybe each account should cost, I dunno, 5-10K to set up?


That is going a little over board, but, why not.

That has been discussed in another thread, and, I don’t think it was received all that well.