"Push Towards Center" option for Push Volumes or a Pull Volume

There are some use-cases I can see for being able to have objects get pushed towards the center of a volume. Right now if you want to use Push Volumes to move something to a single point in 3D space, you need several all around it with their directions adjusted correctly, which can be a bit finicky. If possible, I think it’d be cool to have a toggle that will push stuff towards the center of the volume.

Three things I think this could be used for are knock-off versions of Ball Race attractors and Scientists Black Hole, along with the ability to mimic gravity around a sphere easier than using a bunch of push volumes that, if there’s any misalignment or overlap, will start to behave oddly.

Okay actually maybe just having this be a different type of volume entirely would be more elegant of a solution, like a Pull Volume. And maybe an option to only pull on a specific axis? Like if you have a column sticking out of the ground and throw an object at it, having a pull volume set to only pull on the Z-axis will cause the ball to go towards and stick to the side of the column, but not get pulled down/up towards the vertical center of it.

We have plans for a Gravity Well item, which will pull or push you towards its center.