Push To Talk Sometimes Activates Webcam


Just a weird one i noticed, when push to talk is used it sometimes activates my webcam it is a Microsoft Life Cam, It has an LED that turns on when it is in use. (i made sure current active mic wasn’t the webcam) It appears to mainly happen in mini putt. Just thought it was odd.


You may have a global hotkey set on your computer to activate your web cam, and that global hotkey is also a key that Tower Unite uses.

Check your webcam settings to see if you have any hotkeys for Webcam activation, or if Steam is set to enable it during any time.

There is no functionality whatsoever in Tower Unite, that would enable a Webcam.

Awesome thanks, I will check it out. Just thought it was odd. Only time it happens is while in game. Is prob just something wonky in the driver.

Thanks for the quick reply.

The drivers are probably programmed (or have a setting) to detect if an application uses a mic and/or webcam and turn on the camera when any microphone plugged into the system is activated.
I hope it’s not hardcoded, or else some software developer is terrible at his/her job :unamused:

Tower Unite aka The NSA :new_moon_with_face: