Purpose of the "Edits" tab?

I can’t for the life of me understand why this is in any way beneficial or useful. It also only shows System/Administrator edits which are nine times out of ten going to be just downloading local versions of images.

I like it. So you can see what people changed in their edit. That way, if your having an argument with someone, and they go back to change what they said, you don’t look like an idiot.

Plus, it doesn’t harm anything.

Edit: Cool Edits


What Do U Mean?

No, you can’t. Mine, at least, doesn’t show any of MY edits, just the system/administration edits.

I guess you could say it’s harmless, but it’s profile clutter to me.

Scratch what i just replied i now know, yes they are very useful because they help you redo something that was missed in the message when you didn’t think about it when you are posting so people like me finish what i type. and maybe you need a forum rank specific for u if u just joined.

Lmao, the system just edited this again.

Where are you seeing that information?

Go to your Profile and then the Edits tab to the left.

it dosnt come up for me in mine when i see it

Never even knew that existed. Huh…anyway. I still don’t see it doing any harm.

That means an admin hasn’t moved your topic/you’ve used a link to an image.

maybe it was in the wrong location so the server downloaded it again and moved it

If it would actually show your personal edits, I wouldn’t mind it. I’d probably use it, as you mentioned above. But currently it seems like just administrative information that’s irrelevant to any forum user.

Maybe it’s useful to the admins

I think it shows any edits that weren’t from you. Let’s say an admin edits your post, you can see what they did. I agree, I don’t really have much of a use for it. But hey, at least you have a source to prove mass edit trolling in a concise manner if for some otherworldly reason that ever happens.