Purchasble unites


like the title says purchasble unites i think it will support the game u know more money more development more development more ppl more ppl more money and u get the idea so please like so this will get in the game :cheese:


We will not be putting Micro-transactions in Tower Unite, which means we will not be adding ways to purchase Units with real world money.


This is how to be a good game developer


but think about it almost every successfull game have something that u can buy with real money then they have money to develop and make the game better the more developt a game is ussualy means more people, more poeple more money and also tower unite got so much potantioal its not just another casual shooting/survival/watever its a spaicel game, and if u want it to success u need to make money so u can pay for better development.


When we set out to make Tower Unite, we promised no micro-transactions and we’re sticking to it.

We’ve been able to hire new people to help with development. The best way to support us is to get your friends to grab a copy or gift them one.


i guess i can do that but i really want to waste the 100$ dollars i have now on steam to buy unites more then buying a new boring call of duty or something


then buy more gift copies of the game or copies of the soundtrack and stuff, that way you are still supporting the devs and then by buying more copies you’re getting more “Unites”

Getting more Tower Unites atleast :slight_smile:


Yeah, every successful game has something you can buy with real money… it’s called the game…
I don’t know if you realized this or not, but everyone hates microtransactions, especially poor people who would want cool interesting stuff, but don’t have the IRL cash to spare on useless digital items.

And microtransactions right now would literally BE THE WORST TIMING IN THE HISTORY OF TIMING with whats going on with EA who thought they could get away with anything.

Also, PixelTail is the best developers I have ever seen, since they can make a good interesting game and not put any microtransactions in, AND they LISTEN to their community and their suggestions. [quote=“CitenBox, post:7, topic:25776, full:true”]
i guess i can do that but i really want to waste the 100$ dollars i have now on steam to buy unites more then buying a new boring call of duty or something

oooooooooor, you could just idk… PLAY the game for units? NAH your right, because in this day and age, it’s better to just spend cash to easily buy the digital items of actually EARNING it yourself like the good ol’ fashioned way, because that’s OUTDATED…

I hate this the world we now live in -_- can we go back to the days where playing games like Halo was all about fun and didn’t even think about the idea of microtransactions? I liked those days…


Don’t ya want some sense of pride and accomplishment?


I believe that microtransactions belong only in free-to-play games. Adding them to any game decreases the amount of enjoyment you can get from it (“I want that hat! But it costs real money… should I buy it? I’ll feel bad either way…”).
If TU ever runs out of development funds, I’d be more than willing to purchase an expansion or something, you know, a huge chunk of content with a one-time price attached.


I beg to differ.

I quite vividly remember playing a wide range of amazing, single-purchase, buy to play games during my youth - both console and PC.

Microtransactions aren’t the only solution to generating revenue, and microtransactions are NOT a solution to making a game good.

I bought this game purely off of word of mouth. People I know played it, $20 seemed worth the try, and so I did. If you want to support the devs, as others stated, gift the game to others. I’d even argue this works better for the type of game TU is, since you would mostly be bringing people in who legit like this type of game, as opposed to most games that sell you on popular/fun factor alone, then rope you into microtransactions, so you end up playing because you already dedicated time and money into it.


Yeah but look what Epic games did with fortnite’s battle royal? made a single playmodel $12 just to get and you can only get that playermodel if you spend $20 because there wasn’t like a $15 option.


Yeah but why would you buy a playermodel for a game you’ve already bought? That’s just a huge cash-grab.


bless up : macdguy :smiley:


I mean, as long as they’re cosmetic-only and in a free-to-play game, I’m cool with them. What the devs price them is up to them. I’d still prefer a buy-to-play game with no microtransactions at all over that, however.
Also, screw microtransaction lootboxes. In general.


He wasnt talking about him just wanting to buy units because he doesnt want to work for them, hes saying he wants to support the game devs by giving them that $100 he was going to otherwise spend on a game he would of thought is a waste of money. Hes just trying to get a way to support the game, dont see why you’re hating on him.


Because microtransactions are the worst thing to ever happen to video games. Also, they’ve already said it’ll never happen.


Besides, if you want to support the devs, you could buy the TU soundtrack or just extra copies of the game for friends.

At least that would be what I’d do if I wasn’t poor. :slight_smile:


All proceeds from the soundtrack actually go straight to Will, the game’s composer and sound wizard, as opposed to the entire TU elite dev squadron. It’s still worth the purchase in my eyes, but if you’re looking to support all the devs your best bet is to just buy all of your friends copies of the game.


Huh, didn’t know that

Still goes to a great guy, though