Public Music Concerts (Mini-game or not)

It would be so fun to have a minigame or interactive concert space in the Plaza somewhere.

The mini-game could work on a queue system or something. Each instrument would play like rockband or guitar hero and follow the music to some degree. To balance, those who recently finished a song cannot play another for β€œx” amount of time or something, as to allow others to play.

Seeing as we have interactive instruments being developed, this could be interesting! People outside of the stage could hear the music being played as well.

As far as song use, perhaps we could allow music submissions from the community to be deployed into the game? (Music created by the players)

I feel like the instruments being added in TU have a lot more potential than just making sound. Let’s add some game to them!

I remember doing a Karaoke thing in Gmod Tower once.

I still have my Star Fox trophy from GMT with me. (Given to me for winning)