Public betas for bug testing

An option to play a beta made of the upcoming update to check for bugs and glitches, maybe this can have offline units, item playground back just for it, or only for regulars on the forum (get sent a private code to use on the steam betas tab). This would help hugely with bugs in finished updates and also be really fun. this would slow the update just a bit because of bug fixes but I think it would be worth it in the long run.

Early access is kinda that but for the game as a whole


What Darwfer said. Early Access is kind of the whole point. And with each new update there will pretty much always be bugs as the devs add and refine things. Any major bugs that do arise are very quickly reported to these very forums, in which the devs check daily and fix incredibly quickly anyway.

The game is unfinished and it’s going to be unpolished for as long as it’s in Early Access. The devs could literally halt all progress on adding content to just focus on fixing every single bug imaginable, and this would take months, and then things will break all over again as new things are added, making the effort wasted. That’s game development. While it’s good to have your game in a quality state so long as it is available to the public, polishing a game is what is done near release, in which TU is not yet close to.

The current system is the most efficient, and as far as most Early Access games go, Pixeltail release updates incredibly frequently and focus on fixing bugs quite a lot as it is.

A public beta model is redundant, it would only slow future updates.


I wonder if nightly builds would work with the current development methods and could in any way help. Is there always a branch not including the secret not yet announced features, basically ready to be shipped if stable? Would that lead to more efficient bug hunting or just reports of issues the team is aware of and working on anyway?