Pub (For the lads to have a good time!)


It would be cool to see a pub, with like wooden chairs, tables, a pool table (playable), a darts game (playable) and maybe even drinking games like beer pong. A jukebox too perhaps? And arcade machines would be awesome. I know there’s already Project 12, but there’s a difference between a rooftop bar and a pub. Just a nice place for friends to have fun in! What do ya’ll think?


There will be nightclub in the future
It’s really similar to that


The nightclub only has media players and a dance floor, but this would have a pool table, darts, beer pong, and a jukebox. I don’t see the similarities.


Project 12.


I don’t see the point in yet another club/pub

Two is enough IMO


Maybe in the future, when more stuff gets added to shops for condos, you could make your own pub in your condo?


I clearly mention the difference between this and Project 12.


Something like this. There really is a difference between this kind of environment than say a night club!


why not 2 pool tables so it’s like playing in different venues?