PSA: No Fandom Content

Please, don’t include any fandom content other than stuff on the workshop…

fnaf, mlp, furries, and ESPECIALLY undertale or steven universe


You do realize people are going to do what they want no matter what you say, right?

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this guy knows what’s up

Thank you. Last thing we need is a invitation to someone’s condo filled with MLP players and with the 10 hour version of the MLP theme song playing on CondOS.

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too late they are already are onboard with the milk carton fandom

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im talkin about outside of workshop content

dont forget how they are already with the human fandom as well

100 percent roasted with a side of tomato wedges

what are you talking about XD

joking around with you of how they shoulnt have fandom stuff on the work shop and acting like humanity itself is a fandom when you really think about it and how we are all in awe over human player models and humans in general to the point of fanboyism, there is already a fandom implemented that will always be with the game, one so large more than the others and thats humanity itself

10/10 would prank agian

So, like… from the devs?

You do realize that’s all copywritten content, right?

Even if they wanted to add anything like that (which, by the way, they don’t) they aren’t allowed legally. So you don’t have anything to worry about.

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man that was deep :grinning:

and i dont really hate the fandoms above(other than fnaf lol) its just that they can get really really annoying at times.


Yeah i guess your right

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This thread is art for the sole reason that it requires interpretation.

i don’t really mind it unless TU starts showing signs of turning into Second Life, then i’ll take action

Why would they ever include any fandom content? You know they could get in legal trouble for including copyrighted properties right?

Also why especially Steven Universe and Undertale? Aren’t all fandoms like equally bad?

That’s like asking water not to be wet.

If people want to make content for the workshop, they will. I do hate all of the mentioned fandoms, but there isn’t anything we could do about it. Also restricting people to only like certain things is just wrong…

But as others have said, the devs will/can not put copyrighted content, aka MLP models, HL2 models, CS:GO models, etc

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If you read the thread you’d see that I already realized the copyright thing.
And i just find steven universe and undertale more annoying than the others. Even references honestly would just piss me off to any fandom in this game

Im more saying off the workshop, but nvm