Prop hunt?

I was playing virus the other night with my friends and it had the same kind of energy as prop hunt/hide and seek. So i thought, maybe this would make a great addition to the already huge library of gamemodes to play. I don’t know how much work it would be but I think it’d be quite popular.

Been suggest numerous times. Please use the search before posting a suggestions. It won’t happen, though. The devs aren’t interested in copying Gmod game modes.

EDIT: Typo


So in addition to Prop Hunt, will we get a Trouble in Terrorist Town equivalent? :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty sure balian made a typo and meant to say “aren’t” from the context of the rest of the post.

If you wanna play a GMod gamemode, play it on GMod.

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Honestly i’ve only played hide and seek on CS but have heard that prop hunt is similar. Didn’t know it was from Gmod nor do i play Gmod lol

That’s why I put the jocular emoticon. :wink:


Yeah, I goofed. Just fixed it. lol

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Ah. Well, regardless, my points still stand, though.

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