Project 23 - a few things i found



“Many incidents are connected to the number 23”

Many changes? Like shops moving, game ports relocation and demolition of many things? Hm.


Make of this what you will.

anddd finally just for the memes

[insert disclamer here about how i am not trying to offend anyone and that it is highly unlikley the pixeltail team realised this when they came up with the name] (pls no ban macdguy D:)



EDIT second thing i found updated picture



the devs just get a 2 digit number, and shove project infront of it and refer to some feature or change as that so they can keep it “secret” and “mysterious”

you’re looking into it too much


yep sounds right to me


There is a meaning but none of these are it.


So what about project 12 and project 39? is there any meaning to those? If so I’d love to hear it because these project names are coming out of nowhere almost, and if they were used internally why are we hearing about these names now?
Plus, they seem quite inconsistent to the numbering scheme of a 1, 2 ,3, 4 sort of thing.



I’m not actually trying to get you to say anything, @macdguy


Project 12 and 39 didn’t have a real reason behind their names, but 23 does.


My guess is that it means Lobby 2 to 3, it’s the only thing that really makes any sense right now.





How to get re-banned 101


The devs aren’t assholes, they’re nice hardworking people, they’re not gonna make dark references like that. Stop.


woahwoahwoah calm down, i should of put a disclaimer, sorry for anyone i offended :confused:


yeah i was going to say
he wasn’t making a joke, he was making a observation, but it came out…
offensive looking to people.

also TU came into early access on the 23rd


It came out on April 8th, actually.



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