Project 12 - Waiters

Remember Bin Weevils, Remember Figgs Cafe? Well if you dont, players could go and order food then sit down, other players will then deliver that food to the player that ordered for Mulch (currency).

My idea is that in Project 12’s seating area, you can order drinks/food straight from the tables, it then sends an order notification to waiters (you can become a waiter from the NPC, when you leave project 12 you will no longer be a waiter) then you serve the drinks to the players and get a sum of units. If there is people wanting to be waiters, or a waiter doesnt get to the drink in time an NPC will complete the order.

Your probably wondering “What is the point of this”. I believe it will encourage players to go to Project 12 to interact with other community members. Also in Project 12 you cant drink anything you buy in the bar.