[Program] Piano Sheet for Tower Unite


Hello, I’ve created a simple program that’s browse to gmot tower piano sheet, so you can play with the piano easier in tower unite :smiley:

Screen :

You can download it HERE

And if you want a VirusTotal : HERE (1 false positive)

Sorry for bad english and thanks for using my little “program” :wink:


Awesome job! Very helpful.
Also, your English here is great <3


Thanks :smiley:


I’ve do a little update right now, you have to download it again, sorry (a little fix with the form)


Hello,idk wtf,but i cant download it,if you can fix this problem,i’ll very happy :slight_smile:


Is this just the same sheet musci from GMT or is it updated with new songs like in this. Either way, Thanks Kanye, really cool.