Problems with textures on model prop creation

Hi. I am trying to make a workshop model. I decided to make a model from scratch in Blender as a challenge - but I’m having a few problems.

Mostly with the textures.

  1. UV mapping positions do not match those in the editor.
    In order to get the UV maps of the textures to be how I want them to look in game, I must map them like this in the editor: with the result:

  2. The textures are seethrough/concaved.

The texture is meant to be on the front of the mesh, but instead its like, inside it, as if the texture is caved in, not solidly out.


(Texture is solid in blender, but UV map not matching.)


Texture nodes in Blender:

So to summarise:
UV texture map not match with game.
Texture become transparent/concaved/culled in Blender.

Help with this would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT: Ofc I found a fix a few minutes after posting this ^^;


Select all desired meshes in EDIT MODE
CTRL SHIFT + N to RESET NORMALS - in the bottom left after the action, untick ‘INSIDE’ and it seems to have fixed both problems :slight_smile:

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