Problems on Tower Unite over Geforce Now

I play Tower Unite over Geforce Now and it runs pretty good but i have noticed that the in the last 2 weeks there are some problems:

  1. It doesnt Load the Tower Unite Icon and Starts the game and i have to start over the laoding screen on steam.
    2.It drops frames when i run or do anything else (Play Arace or Casino)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start Tower Unite over Geforce now

What I expected to happen

  1. It loads and shows the Tower Unite Icon and then Loads the game. See Screenshot 1
  2. The game runs smoothly

What happenend

  1. I doesnt show the Icon (See Screenshot 1)
    So i have to Manuallly start the game (See Screenshot 2 and 3)
  2. The frames drop at random times even if i choose the slower option

Maybe someone has similiar then Mine

Unfortunately, PixelTail does not manage the game on GeForce Now. NVidia does. The frame drops are most likely due to the machine the game is running on when it comes to NVidia’s end. Either that, or your connection.

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