Problem with Tower Unite [FIXED]

Hello! Thank you for looking on my Topic! I have a problem with my Tower Unite i bought it at the realase day and i downloaded it and played some hours, i didnt played it for over a week (?) and now the new Update is out and i wanted to download it so i can play again. But i cant because i get the a Error (i have Steam in german) and the error is: Nicht genug Festplattenspeicher translated (by me): Not enough HDD memory tranlated (by Google Translater): Not enough hard disk space but i have more then 1,5 TB space free (i have only one HDD) i need help :frowning:


Jeez. This is a very odd issue. I’ve seen people get this, but usually they can’t play in the first place. I really wish I could help. Someone more qualified will probably step in. @Caboose700

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Try restarting your PC.

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In the future, it would be more useful if your title would describe your problem. I’d have written something like: “Steam thinks 1.5 TB is not enough free space for TU”.

Some clarifications first:

  • You’re sure it says TB, not GB? (Just trying to cover all possibilities here.)
  • By downloading “it”, you mean the update or reinstalling the whole game?
  • You have one HDD that is one single partition?

Now the usual first steps in problem solving:

  • Verified game files via Steam?
  • You tried restarting Steam or even your whole computer?
  • Depending on your internet speed, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the whole game intead of the update?

1, yes TB not GB 2. first i tried 10 times update and i deinstalled it but when i tried to reinstall it didnt worked 3. yep 4. yep 5.yep 6. yep

Installing and updating other games works fine? Any other weird issues your computer is having at the moment? You can create and save files normally?

  1. yes 2. just that my wlan is bad in last days 3. yup

And when is he coming? @EvKem

No clue. I’m real sorry. Like I said, this is an issue that’s being worked on and people might not know. I know that’s pretty disheartening but that’s my piece.

ok i fixed it but thx for your help! :slight_smile:

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Would you please post your solution for future readers?

k i done this: more not.