Prizim Speedway Advertisement challenge!

Hey there, I’m Alex, that one jackass that runs the Prizim Podcast. I’m here today to present to you a new part of the Prizim Podcast studio: PRIZIM SPEEDWAY!

This Brand new RC track is for the greatest of RC racers and races! Step up to the starting line and race for glory honor, and possibly prizes if I can ever sort that out!

Howerver, the track is not quite yet complete! After all what racing track would be complete without a swath of advertisements??

Here’s where I challenge you guys! I’m looking for wacky, silly, or generally cool ads that you guys wanna make for anything Tower Unite-related, be it the nightclub, Casino, Arcade, or one of the stores, or @Lifeless’ secret drug store under the boardwalk pier! It’s all up to you!

There’s no exact set date for the challenge, so if you have an idea and want to contribute, slap it on this post and I’ll add it in, so long as its not horribly inappropriate.

Have fun!



That looks awesome Alex.


Stolen directly from the r/sbubby subreddit. If you need more silly advertisements, I highly recommend looking there.



Yeah it’s a self shill but I thought it might be somewhat fun to try this.

oh and since everyone else is memeing I don’t want to be the odd one out.

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